In 2018, Gaytimes Festival welcomes Transgentle to Lake Mountain!

In 2018 and every single year, Gaytimes will take lengths to ensure the experience is enjoyable for everyone by consulting with our diverse and knowledgeable community at large to make things better and more accessible for all. Transgentle is facilitated by gender diverse people who’ve come to us at Gaytimes, to offer their space at the Festival and support to those who need it.

Transgentle is a safe space for gender diverse people to have some quiet and respite and seek any support that may be needed. There will be facilitators in the space who are gender diverse and can be contact points for anything needed. They will not be policing anyone's gender, the space is open to whoever would like to access it, however there will be zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or inappropriate behaviour. The space is a drug and alcohol-free space as well as a non-sexual space.

To locate Transgentle, look out for the Transgender Pride Flag on the Gaytimes Map which will be issued to you at the gate.